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Hamilton County Democratic Party

LGBTQ+ Victory Fund Endorsed Candidate 2024


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” A famous quote used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey’s continued pledge to voters is to lead the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office toward justice because the arc will bend toward justice only when we work together.


Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey is committed to accountability in all areas of the Sheriff’s Office. This includes creating Fiscal accountability and enhancing Community Safety.


Justice reform is a foundation of Sheriff McGuffey’s commitment to ensure a safe community for all.

Justice Reform = Safer and Stronger Communities
Justice Reform = Taxpayer Savings


Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey launched a Community Affairs Division when taking office to enhance community engagement. Under this division, a Call Center was created to answer questions from the community related to the legal and court systems. In the first 18 months, staff responded to over 70,000 calls for assistance. Sheriff McGuffey is committed to leading with openness, collaboration, transparency and will continue to strengthen community partnerships.
"Transparency, accountability, and collaboration are the building blocks upon which sustainable change can occur within our Justice System."

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